Sunshine Pedro and Odyssey Bill are friends from their early childhood. After 30 years of sharing life, the two music buddies came up with the Lovesick.

Hi - Hat's first original promo video

This project is Hi - Hat's original first promo video created on April 29th 2008 at 01:34 p.m. Though it's not a professional video artwork, this one came straight from the heart.

L'Oreal 100years celebrations

Jazz Duet performing live for L'Oreal 100 and Lancome 75 years anniversary. Cosmetics celebrate with a jazz retro sound ambiance.

Working on Sound

Sound check a DJ & percussion set, including vinyl testing with the legendary Bose 802 monitoring system.

Live Performance at Astir Palace Vouliagmeni

Musicians performing live for an open air - corporate event at Astir Palace

Cosmote Germanos annual event

The Blues Bug performing live in front of a crowd of 5.000 at the annual party event of Cosmote Germanos hosted at Athinwn Arena Athens Greece. Band arrangements and back line rider provided by Hi - Hat

Xmas live music events

Xmas live music gigs combined with act plays and the quality power of the Bose sound system.

Amarousion Summer Festival

More than 30 open air events including concerts, theatrical plays and art exhibitions attended by thousands at Amarousion Summer Festival light & sound systems plus real time support provided by Hi - Hat

Beefeater 24 official launch media event

Hired by Noisevents to implement music coverage with "Jazznomatter" live through Bose L1 sound system for Pernod Ricard's Beefeater 24 launch in Greece. You can see in photos how Bose makes it to be invisible on stage!