Sunshine Pedro and Odyssey Bill are friends from their early childhood. After 30 years of sharing life, the two music buddies came up with the Lovesick.

The project is performed from the two member band and is consisted of a music marathon DJ live set, based on a real time live remix jam session, including live music instruments (Guitar, Bass,Trumpet, Harmonicas, Vocals), percussion (Cow Bells, Tambourine, Eggs, Knock Woods) and what Pedro and Bill like to call “biblikia” (Groove Boxes, Sampling effects, Stylos and others..).

The guys’ favorite tracks are spinning over, blended and twisted, with loop effects sequencing and live music playing, as long as it takes for things to get Lovesick.

Lovesick is inspired from the love for the pure origins of music while aiming to the transcendental.