First original promo video (uncut version) from Hi-Hat on Vimeo.

This original first from Hi – Hat was created on April 29th 2008 at 01:34 p.m. Music track is “No No Never” performed by the “Texas Lightning”. On March 9, 2006 Texas Lightning won the German heat for the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 and represented Germany in the Finals on May 20th 2006 in Athens, Greece with this song.
“No No Never” was released as a single in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It reached number 1 on the German “Media Control” charts, number 4 in Austria and number 6 in Switzerland.This song was also for many many years my wake up alarm sound. I think it still is.

Extra point: Through a nomination by Steve Sivek of Baytown, Texas and the submittal by Texas State Senator Tommy Williams, the members of Texas Lightning were, by Proclamation 603 before the Texas Senate, declared to be Honorary Texans. The proclamation was passed by the senate in June 2006.