1. This is how it goes

Since 1994, we develop music products and services aimed to support particular marketing communication and promotional campaigns.”

In the beginning it was all about hearing our customers. Understand their needs.

We came up across several times with the following requests concerning our clients’ events, campaigns and so on:

Client’s quotes:

“I want to make a difference.”

“I want things to get done in a way to suit my needs. My way.”

“I don’t want to be part of something. I want to be my real thing”

“I want controllable result driven actions, designed directly for my business.”

“I want to be able to make things the way I want them to, not the way others think and believe I would like them to.”

2. It all adds up to one single word:


After years of research, we finally came up with a marketing tool that brings business communication strategies into a new spin.

An advanced service tool designed from scratch.

Meant to turn arts into a fully customized – personalized mechanism, so that you are able to communicate with your market whenever you want it, the way you want it.

It’s all about getting it all straight out and making it an actual personal choice of your customers.


3. Meet the fortunecookie℠

fortunecookie is a sister company to Hi – Hat, designed to boost your business, with the power of music and arts.

A mechanism dedicated to real time results.

A communication tool fully customized to match your business needs.

“Now you own your very own festival”

fortunecookie℠ allows you to get on the track with your very own “festival”.

By the word “festival” we mean a predefined series of any kind of artistic expressions called “acts”, combined and designed in a way to meet with your marketing and communication goals.

It’s the fortunecookie℠ way


Adjustable to your financial and communication needs with a full range of music styles and art concepts for you to chose from.


Strengthens your public relations and get your project sponsored and financed in corporation with producers, artists, venues while developing contacts with them in the same time. It’s synergy friendly.



It serves ideally your customers relationship management with a life lasting effect following each of its acts



It offers unique customer experience thus making your business more appealing and attractive for people to interact with.



No extra work required; design – organize and utilize your business by placing things you already do into a concrete concept.



Countless ways to express by means of art, guarantee we keep your festival fresh while developing it into an institutional festival meant to serve your needs on the fly for a life time.



One corporate identity, one festival, different acts, for different products of yours with the ability to uniform several budgets leads to a multi product support platform ready to use at any given time


Leadership driven

With the power to present and propose ways of fun and entertainment based in the modern way of life (cultural healthy lifestyle), gives each of your clients the ability to become an instant opinion leader



Social offering, it works in tandem with your commercial targets and goals. fortunecookie provides the essence for the most effective advertisement campaigns enriched with social media and marketing support



Word of mouth communication beyond your expectations; encourages all participants to become a live part of it – comment and spread the word about it.


Cost effective

No extra money spent on advertisement and creative companies; the concept is right there – you pay only for media shop support – that is if you want to – the way you want to.



Gets you one step ahead from your competition. You own the rights of your festival – no one else can run the same. It’s simply not possible. fortunecookie guarantees that in a solid full disclosure way



How does it work?

It’s a 3 step procedure:

  1. Data pool

fortunecookie℠ simply collects your business and marketing needs into one single data pool. That requires nothing more than a couple of minutes. Just complete the “I want to” application form and submit it to us on line.

Check it out click here

  1. First quote

Our events entertainment specialists collect the forms and monitor your personal data pool on a daily basis. They will start building the “first quote”.  First quote consists an initial approach plus a proposal sent to you by e-mail and includes suggestions of how Hi – Hat could help you with your project.

  1. Final quote

Based on the first quote, final quote is following and may lead to an agreement for proceeding in the production stage of your very own music arts marketing campaign. It can be a BTL series of events, an arts expo contest, a theme party, in any case it will be your very own festival act!

What does it cost?

First two steps of our service is absolutely free of cost.

It costs you nothing to get a creative idea from fortunecookie℠.

If a quote qualifies for production processing, that means we have already taken into account your budget limits as pre agreed; then we talk money.

I don’t want to proceed with the final quote. What happens next?

In most of our projects, there is no commitment of any kind for you. You can decline the final quote without any costs what so ever. Unless you want to retain the rights for future implementation. Advanced projects require certain work to be done in order to come up with a realistic actual approach. If that’s the case, any costs involved you will know them straight from the first quote.

What about cancelling rights?

Each and every fortunecookie℠ project is tailor made to meet each of our clients’ particular needs.

fortunecookie℠ is based on fully disclosure written agreements that describe all rights on behalf of our clients, the producers, the artists and all involved plus all if any fees and fiscal penalties by means to secure a flawless production timeline stream.

So yes, you have the right to cancel an agreement.

It is clearly stated in every single fortunecookie℠ production.

What makes fortunecookie so special after all?

  • It gives you the exclusive right to get and run fully custom arts’ festivals.
  • It is a complete system that allows you to design and monitor marketing campaigns up to their tiniest detail strengthened by the most powerful means of expression found in nature. Music and Arts.
  • Yes. It’s 100% legal.
Want to try it? Starting your own fortunecookie℠ data pool, takes no time or money! Contact us and get your first quote now!