1950’s The Hi – Hat Club Memphis Tennessee

It all started back in the 50’s in Memphis Tennessee of the US. Milton Barnes (1915-2005), one of Mississippi’s most successful African American entrepreneurs started “The Hi – Hat Club”. Music legends B. B. King, James Brown, Ike & Tina Turner, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino and many others played to packed houses at the club. In May of 1953, Elvis Presley at the age of 19 joined Ron Smith and his band at the Hi-Hat Club as a guest vocalist.

1990’s The Hi – Hat café Athens Greece

In 1994 Hi – Hat Club may be closing its doors at Memphis but that was meant to be not the end, but a new beginning for the thrill to keep going. Teo Theodoridis starts that very same year the “Hi – Hat café” in Athens Greece. Hi – Hat café was a pioneer back at the time, hosting top international music live acts, while being open at the same time to newcomers, fresh talent musicians from the Greek music scene with its mind always to soul, funk, blues and R&B music genres. Hi – Hat club had it going and it took a Greek guy with a sparkle for music to do so.

2000’s Hi – Hat Productions Music for the Public

Hi – Hat Productions established 1994, enters the 21st century with a pulse stonger than ever. In the year 2000 Vassilis Raftoyiannis (Bill) join powers with Theofilos Theodoridis (Teo) sharing a vision that Hi – Hat serves already since 1953: Get people rich with music. Hi – Hat enters a new era and develops a series of music marketing tools that aim to serve the music industry in all of its greatest aspects, as people may understand those so far.


About the team

It’s raw human power

We, the Hi-Hat team of people, have always been working closely with numerous co- producers, artists and performers towards delivering professional event entertainment solutions and music productions. From talent booking promotions to artists of international acknowledgement, it is the human power we invest our efforts on, after all. Ok, we like technology but pencil and paper remains our favourite way to put down thoughts and things together.


Added to that, we do share a common vision – less to say a belief – that thinking ecological is the only way to release our human power for the better and in respect of our beautiful home. You can find the best music in nature, whether it’s a bird flying or a dolphin singing; plus all plants across the planet  that really seem to enjoy music the most!

About joining us

Maybe you got it

We are constantly looking for people to share with our passion for music. If you feel like joining the team, just contact us and let us know how you think about it. Currently Hi – Hat is looking for employing freelancers in various projects, as well as for a secretary position in our headquarters based at N. Erithrea Athens Greece.  Contact us right here:

About Clients

Who we like to keep happy

Events engineering companies, DMC companies, congress and exhibition organizers, advertisement and promotional agencies, artists and sole individuals and any one who are keen on artistic values, is eligible to our services. We want to be surrounded by happy people.  That includes our clients too.


Clients’ quotes

Find out what clients say about us (good things and bad things)

All material in this pop up is as received by mail from our clients, not a single font changed.

About equipment

For the performances’ tech support, Hi-Hat owns some of the most classic vintage audio equipment (we believe in the keep it analogue philosophy); yet our favorite projects are the most challenging ones; that would include built – in house digital applications.

We combine in a unique way, traditional audio elements with digital technology solutions, dedicated to deliver a unique ambience result each and every time we head up for an event.

Inspired and empowered from the above, we design vision & sound elements, willing and able to level up all event stakes that share our quality standards.

Hi Hat’s infrastructure include an advanced co-producing network, an excessive portfolio of artists and performers, as well as a private-owned production and rehearsal studio to back up pre and post production procedures.

Keep it analogue philosophy

..means that whenever it’s possible we will go for some old school vintage solutions like using tape recorders, spin some vinyl – and most of it all – use real instruments played by real people, to enhance music in the most effective and emotional ways at least we can imagine! Yeap!